Thursday, June 30, 2011

Diet change versus medicating a labeled child~

There are so many children today who are suffering with being labeled as having behavior problems.

In my work with children I know that the vast majority of children today aren’t using their body’s energy properly. Children are being over fed, with toxic diets and aren’t getting enough exercise. All the books in the country say that the average amount of physical activity children need is at least one hour a day; I think they need at least three to be honest!

My idea isn’t necessarily full on exercise for children, but walking, riding bikes, swimming, scavenger hunts etc. on top of playing team sports or having them involved in large group activities; even playing at the park if you can’t afford to enroll them into a full time activity. This is especially important for children who are labeled with behavioral problems so that you can observe the way they interact with their peers.

Look at riding a bike and what it does for a child. They are really working on their problem solving skills the whole time they are on the bike while their bodies are continuously moving. This increases the child’s ability to focus longer and engage themselves in other activities.

Physical activity isn’t the only key aspect in labeled children; nutrition plays a major role in everyone and anyone’s life but is vital for labeled children since there is a possibility of a misdiagnosed food allergy or sensitivity. SO many children have sensitivity to food dyes, gluten and casein it’s surprising how many cases are missed. So make sure that everything that goes into your child’s body is something you would eat yourself. I know from our personal experience of having a very active little boy that if it comes in a box/ can/ jar, it’s not for him. He is so sensitive and his diet controls his daily activities. Give your children fresh raw foods whenever possible or fresh cooked foods; besides it’s friendlier to your wallet if you’re on a budget to skip the packaged foods! If I can get 4-5 grocery bags full to the brim for $140 a week at whole foods, you can too!

If you have older children who show signs of food sensitivities encourage them to go shopping with you and pick out new raw veggies and fruits that they have never tried. Just pick one or two of each, this way you have more options! Allow your children to grow their own! Even potted gardens are fun and creative for children, we have a large vegetable garden in the front of our house that the children love to play in with their magnify glasses, they also love being able to help pick everything to eat! On top of our garden I have also set up large and small pots on our gated deck for them to plant whatever they wanted! Even if I know it won’t produce well in a container, it’s still an amazing experience for creating a healthy food relationship!

So, before you medicate your children for behavioral problems please check out all of the possibilities first! Respect your child’s body and nurture their health

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