Sunday, July 3, 2011

Manifest the power of intention, positivity, bringing light and love to shine, to transform and overcome.

Do you ever think about how much pain you’re exposed to as a healer or just a friend? Where does it go…does it consume you, or is it possible that it’s gone for good, from the victim, from the healer…from life. I think that people who are exposed to others pain, hate, anguish and fears can have all of these become a part of them. After all, you would need to feel these emotions in order to void them…right?

Today and the past few days have been hard, for me, my friends and a beautiful family. We all loved someone so much for her loving powerful personality. She was a natural healer, nurturer, friend, beautiful spirit, sister, daughter…she was everything to some. You always felt her presence manifesting love, life and light even if she wasn’t close by. She had an abundance of love and positive intention to manifest in all living things.

Serena, I hope you’re still dancing, manifesting your love and light to shine on us…<3

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