Friday, August 19, 2011

Finding myself through my children :)

If I devote my day to focusing on my children’s needs over my own, I’ve noticed I’m much happier and more at ease by the end of the day. Most of my family members and friends have been critical to this idea, but when I sit back and think about what I wanted in life when I had children I think, this was it! I wanted to be able to spend as much time both teaching and learning from my children as possible.

My husband and I were recently on vacation with the children and both noticed how happy and relaxed I seemed…then about three days after we were home it was rainy and I had lost my routine of getting up before everyone and fitting in my own time with a quiet meditation and a run. I can always run when the kids are awake, but I like to cherish our time together and make outings like that more of an adventure than anything…after all life is just one huge learning experience when you’re that little and I don’t want to take any of that away.

I know that someday I won’t be waking up to my little loves asking me to read books and snuggle before we begin our day together, and someday they won’t be hanging from my arms like I’m a tree in the Amazon…they won’t always be here for me to quietly listen to their giggles and discover new things with. Before I even know it they will be going out with friends, having sleep over’s and eventually going off chasing their dreams. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t feel guilty if I don’t spend a certain amount of time with them and there is no competition or agenda on being the best etc. Only the mere fact that we learn so much from one another and I really cherish each second I have with them! Each milestone is an amazing accomplishment and it all happens so fast that I think it’s ok for me to put my life on hold during their waking hours and spend my day geared towards them, while I can ;)
I have the rest of my life to focus on me as well as share my love with my husband; who probably gets the exact same amount of attention as the children do ;)

There are mornings where I don’t get to finish my cup of coffee, or I don’t get to shave my legs. But skipping these luxuries is way worth it! I always feel so much better during and at the end of the day. I feel happy and want to do it all over again. It makes me so sad to hear family and friends who dread each day with their children and do nothing but complain about their children. All I have to say is give yourself an hour of you before they wake up, not primping and all that stuff. Do something YOU want to do that you can never find time for…you will feel refreshed and ready for your day together if you do :) and yes, sometimes I have to wait until the kiddos are in bed before I get to have me time because let’s face it…I’m a sucker for snuggling with my love before I begin my day as well lol.

I find that when I’m able to live life in the moment I’m able to laugh things off that would normally irritate me, I would be soo wrapped up in trying to be perfect for being out in public etc. But now I’ve seen all that I missed back then and wouldn’t change it for the world…All I need now is a new alarm clock that will kick me out of bed every day, even on rainy days ;)

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