Thursday, June 30, 2011

Determining whether a certain behavior could be a problem versus the child having nothing to do… or possibly over stimulated.

Respecting your children by offering choices will eliminate your frustration; guide them in the right direction instead of set them up for failure. Try to rotate toys to eliminate boredom. Store items on shelves at their level rather than boxes so that the child can see what is available. If putting toys away is an issue, try limiting the ones that you have available. Most children need warnings that activities are coming to an end soon, so try to give them enough time to mentally prepare themselves when you tell them it’s time to start picking up. I don’t know any adult that will just stop what they are doing on demand without saying hold on a sec and I’m certain we wouldn’t tell another adult that it was unacceptable to say hang on either. Give your children a chance to make the right decision by providing them with transitional warnings.

Most importantly, treat every child with respect; that is one of the best gifts you can give any child!

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