Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gentle evening warm up into pigeon pose~

Gentle evening warm up into pigeon~ sit grounded on your sit bones with knees bent & feet flat on the floor hips width apart, gently fold one foot over opposing thigh and lengthen your spine by sitting up straight. Bring your grounded foot closer to your tush for a deeper stretch in your hip area. Slowly lay down on your back and go through the same motions as sitting, be sure to keep shoulders and pelvis connected to the ground. When ready sit up bringing one knee forward placing your knee level to your palm and foot level to the other side, or tucked in a bit. Make sure you pelvis is squared off straight ahead and extend the other leg behind you placing the top of your foot face down, push through your foot and not your knee while allowing your pelvis to melt into the pose. Please use blocks & blankets under your pelvis & hands for assistance in this pose if necessary!! Once you feel ready, allow your body to melt and extend your torso across the leg folded in front of you and hold for a few breathes ⭐

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