Sunday, February 10, 2013

short yoga sequence to ease back pain
















1~ Begin this short sequence exhaling into Uttanasana~forward bend~ bend your knees here to accommodate your bodies needs if you feel the need to.

2~ Inhaling, place hands down or finger tips and straighten the spine into a table top position, lengthen by pushing through your pelvis.

3~ slowly come down to your hands and knees, both should width apart and inhale coming into catpose and / exhale releasing into cow pose

4~ Inhaling transition you body into ado-mukha-svanasana- down dog-

5~ Exhale bringing your left foot under your chest

6~ Inhale reaching your right arm up into utthita parsvakonasana- extended side triangle pose

Exhale straightening your left leg

7~ Inhale while remaining in utthita trikonasana- triangle pose, be sure to lock your pelvis in place and not allow your hips to bulge by pushing out to the side

8~ Exhale bringing your hand back down to the floor and transitioning into ado-mukha-svanasana

9~ inhale and lower into child's pose-remain for a few breathes

10~ Slowly sit up into bharad vajasana 1-gentle twist- make sure to keep your sit bones grounded, even if this doesn't allow you to come into a full twist

11~ release and come into your center placing your right leg over your left in agnistambhasana- fire log pose

12~ transition your right foot to sit outside of your left thigh placing your right elbow against the right knee, twist your body to the left placing your left palm at a comfortable distance on the ground leading you into ardha matsyendrasana- half lord of the fishes pose.

release and lower your entire body to the ground, lay there for a moment taking a few breathes.

13~ reach for your right foot/toes either using s strap, belt or fingers and hold into supta padangusthasana- reclining big toe pose

14~ lower your leg and slowly lift your legs raising them over head and placing your feet onto the floor or onto a near by chair into plow pose, making sure to do this with your arms down bracing the ground for support

15~ lower legs after a few breathes and relax for a few moments in savanasana- corpse pose

repeat on the opposite side if desired <3

This gentle sequence is excellent for back pain, headaches and menstrual pains <3

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